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Grace Over Perfection with Alison Simmons

Oct 28, 2021

While Day 29's devotional was all about David as a man of integrity and honor, today's episode shows a very different side of him.

For starters, he wasn't where he belonged which made him an easy target for temptation.

Then he used his authority to cause Bathsheba to commit adultry.

Finally, he "sin-stacked" and killed...

Oct 27, 2021

Meet David.

The most well-known man in the Bible short of Jesus, David is the youngest of the 8 sons of Jesse. He is small in stature and has spent his life thus far as a shepherd boy.

And when he hears the Philistine giant insulting the God of the Israelites, he tells King Saul that he will fight him.

David’s source...

Oct 25, 2021

So what kind of king did Israel get?

He was taller and more handsome than any other man in Israel. Sounds like he has the stature of a king for sure, but what of his heart?

Today’s passage is a reminder that we ought to be careful to claim that what we are doing is in the name of the Lord when it is actually for our...

Oct 25, 2021

Samuel becomes Israel’s prophet and he appointed his own son’s as judges over Israel. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to fare any better with his sons than Eli did.

The people go to him and demand that he appoint them a king to lead them. And, at first, we can't really blame them. I mean, the system that is in...

Oct 24, 2021

Have you ever been upset and someone, particularly a man, tries to comfort you and it just is no help at all? 

Today, our devotional starts out with this very scenario. The book 1 Samuel opens up with a recipe for disaster in human terms, but God is always at work.

In today's episode, we learn 2 very important Truths...