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Grace Over Perfection with Alison Simmons

Mar 8, 2022

“I don’t understand, Lord. I’ve already dealt with this sin. Remember? You and I had it out over my need to be in control, already. You convicted me of my refusal to submit to authority in my life in general because I wanted to be my own authority.”

“And I changed! The Holy Spirit worked on my heart and I began to understand that receiving grace meant that I could then give it to others. And as I changed, so did the way I interacted with those around me.”

That was my conversation with God just a few months ago.

How do you reconcile fighting and overcoming sin with the help of the Holy Spirit and then still cycling back through that sin later, maybe again and again?

Does that seem the opposite of how spiritual growth works? Isn’t that a sign of weak faith?

In today's episode, we are talking about what perfect spiritual growth looks like and it may not be what you are thinking at all.

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