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Grace Over Perfection with Alison Simmons

Mar 2, 2022

 Jael wasn’t anyone special, technically speaking.

And she wasn’t planning on doing anything other than taking care of her household that day Sisera ended up on her doorstep. She was just going about her daily tasks when she was suddenly faced with a situation that she had no choice but to deal with right then and there.

And isn’t that the way God often works?

On a typical, run-of-mill day when you are just crossing things off your To-Do list,  have you ever suddenly found yourself in the middle of a God-ordained moment and you feel completely unprepared to handle it?

It is unlikely that you’ve been folding laundry when a terrorist shows up in your front yard but there are plenty of scenarios that pop up when you least expect it and you think...

“But I’m just a mom, just a wife, just a volunteer."
"I’m just too young, too young, too middle-aged."
"Ugh - I’m just too busy, just too tired, just too overwhelmed."
"I just don’t know enough scripture. I just don’t have a strong enough faith. I am just struggling through life myself.”

Fill in the blank, friend. What do you tell yourself you are “just too much” of that you feel like you can’t be used by God to further His kingdom in some way?

Friend, pay attention - You are just right.


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