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Grace Over Perfection with Alison Simmons

Oct 25, 2021

Samuel becomes Israel’s prophet and he appointed his own son’s as judges over Israel. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to fare any better with his sons than Eli did.

The people go to him and demand that he appoint them a king to lead them. And, at first, we can't really blame them. I mean, the system that is in place hasn't been working out all that well for them.

BUT...their hearts are exposed when, after Samuel warns them of what a king will do to them, they continue to push for a king so that they could be like the nations around them.

Before you judge their rejection of the Lord, examine your own life and take an honest assessment of whether or not YOU are living more like culture than for Christ.

Are you ready to start growing your relationship with the Lord? Take this QUIZ to determine where your faith is currently at and learn what the next step for you is.

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