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Grace Over Perfection with Alison Simmons

Mar 22, 2022

Jamie grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive family. She found herself pregnant at a very young age and ended up in an abusive marriage just like her parents had. 

Unloved. Unworthy.

These are words that Jamie uses to describe the way she felt for so many painful years. And yet, when she looks back now, she can see how God...

Mar 8, 2022

“I don’t understand, Lord. I’ve already dealt with this sin. Remember? You and I had it out over my need to be in control, already. You convicted me of my refusal to submit to authority in my life in general because I wanted to be my own authority.”

“And I changed! The Holy Spirit worked on my heart and I...

Mar 2, 2022

 Jael wasn’t anyone special, technically speaking.

And she wasn’t planning on doing anything other than taking care of her household that day Sisera ended up on her doorstep. She was just going about her daily tasks when she was suddenly faced with a situation that she had no choice but to deal with right then and...