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Grace Over Perfection with Alison Simmons

Feb 22, 2021

The fact is that the closer you are to someone, the higher the risk of experiencing brokenness in your relationship. Have you ever been in a close relationship that has experienced some serious friction?

I am not talking about the irritation that comes from spending too much time together. No, what I am talking about is...

Feb 15, 2021

Loving our kids well is one of the hardest things for a mom to do consistently.

In the day-to-day grind of cleaning up messes, tidying up toys, washing clothes, cooking meals, and focusing on a thousand other tasks that are all part of caring for them, is it really all that surprising that we have trouble LOVING them? 

Feb 10, 2021

“Just give me the rules! When do I HAVE to submit to my husband and when can I just ignore him because he is being a butthead?”

So after listening to Ep 7 - Submit to my husband? Are you crazy? you should have a basic understanding of what biblical submission IS and why we should live it out in our marriages. But...

Feb 8, 2021


Oh, the power that these 10 letters wield is amazing! Men and women have misunderstood them and abused them so often that we flinch whenever we hear them. 

I guarantee that I am not alone among Christian women who struggle with this. But, as with any challenging concept, context is EVERYthing! 

Quiz: Which...

Feb 1, 2021

I knew who Jesus was, and, if you had asked me if I believed what the Bible said about Him, I would have said yes, but despite claiming to be Christian all my life, I didn’t actually bring Jesus into my life.

One October morning I sat in the pew listening to the preacher talk about sin and the consequences of it...